About us

Girls On Film aims to showcase the underrepresented female talent in the film and moving image community. We want to provide a platform for female directors, screenwriters, editors, producers, cinematographers, animators, gif makers, moving image artists, camerawomen and critics, to express their opinions and share their work. Whether you make gifs or documentaries, write comedies or critiques, shoot with your iPhone or a Blackmagic, we want you to get involved and collaborate with each other.

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It is also a reaction against male directors and screenwriters who depict femininity, lesbianism and the transgendered without grounds, creating stereotypes, often typecasting women and securing their role in the hegemony of film. We feel that women, racial minorities, queer and transgendered people do not receive exposure unless it is tokenism or a monthly theme. Therefore, we aim to highlight diversity in film and the ethical role film can play in society.

Girls On Film was founded by Claudia Walder.

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