Vasilisa Forbes: WAX 2

Vasilisa Forbes offers up her latest installment of WAX, a project that scrutinises how women are perceived and portrayed in public media. Using high octane visuals, aggressive postures and critical monologues, Vasilisa challenges societal feminine norms online and pasted up on billboards across the world.

“In WAX, Vasilisa discusses the visual identity of capitalists selling through mystification and production of ‘glamour’, objectification of the body and the impact of historical images of ‘vanity’ in the woman; to how this has influenced our contemporary discourse on women.”


Vasilisa’s first WAX video directly confronts pop culture by exposing the misogynistic underbelly of chart and rock music. “Fusing existing popular song lyrics with sexualized imagery, the result is a sensation of unease, caution and dark familiarity…Taken directly from real, existing songs from contemporary and early 20th century pop-music, including famous artists like John Lennon, Black Flag, Def Leppard, Madonna, Slayer, Weezer, Nickelback and many others, they portray an array of dominating voices taken from different genres, times and trends- what they have in common is the strength of the words in relation to its force on women, and the popularity of the songs in pop culture.”

Something Else continues this dialogue on objectifying imagery, pornographic poses and heightened feminine ideals: all of which constrict and pain Vasilisa’s character in equal measure. The scenes only begin to effect you and raise problems once her obvious discomfort becomes apparent, which causes the viewer to question their everyday responses for images of women that are frequently used to their disadvantage. Since WAX 2 began it’s public poster, bus stop and billboard campaign, there have been more examples of the images engaging social commentary and activism.


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In conjunction with Girls On Film, Vasilisa screens Something Else

at the WAX 2 exhibition hosted by Art Naked and The Library London. Join the event here.


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