Joana Da Costa: Art Bitches

22-year-old Joana Da Costa has an infatuation with bitches and bling. Like her favourite hip hop artists, Joana explores themes of female sexuality, consumerism and urban language within her films. Utilising modern technologies, her work transcends digital animation and collage into 3D printing. We talk to her about urban feminism, dancehall and Louis Vuitton. Tell… View!

Natalia Stuyk: Gif Us What You’ve Got

Natalia Stuyk is the type of artist that never stops experimenting. When others hone and perfect their style, Natalia’s visuals seem to zigzag never endingly between minimal and maximal. That’s not to say Natalia isn’t incredibly talented at what she does, her work has seen recognition from the likes of Vimeo and Instagram, as well… View!